Saturday , August 8 2020
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Your trend report from the ELLE UK fashion editors.The Spring/Summer 2019 shows, which happened towards the tail end of last year, were many, many things. While the majority of designers continued with the memo ‘you do you’, what united them was their search for an expression of female empowerment. Running ...

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7 Tattoo Trends You’re About To See Everywhere In 2019

Long before Dr. Woo, JonBoy, and their A-list clientele made dainty white dots and tiny crosses mainstream news, tattoos were already deeply ingrained in the fabric of history, discovered on the bodies of Egyptian mummies and an Austrian-Italian iceman now known as Ötzi. In those times, thousands of years ago, ...

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Vegan Protester Dresses Up As A Cow To Mourn Meat In Supermarket

A video has emerged from Australia which shows a vegan protester dressed as a cow ‘mourning’ packages of meat in a supermarket aisle. The video was posted to Facebook on Saturday, July 6, alongside the caption, ‘Welcome to the death aisle’, and begins with the protester staring forlornly at a ...

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Vagina Pills Claiming To Make You Taste ‘Sweeter’

Everywhere we turn, products promise to drastically improve our lives by making our hair fuller, our skin softer, and our vaginas sweeter. Wait, what? Make our vaginas sweeter? No, that wasn’t some bizarre Freudian slip – pills which promise to do exactly that actually exist. So much so that in ...

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